Prumultiple Critical Illness Protection, 3 Is Better Than 1

by Lawrence Lee on March 2, 2009


According to World Health Organisation (WHO) Heart attack and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death. With illness striking most of the people around you and medical cost is getting higher day by day, one just cannot afford to be sick or have critical illness or else it will be a heavy financial burden to the family.

However, with adequate medical insurance, one will be protected against financial difficulties when illnesses strikes. However, some people may not have critical illness protection at all or, if have, very little. To have adequate protection, one should have at least $500,000 coverage for critical illness. You may find its alot of money, however this is just a coverage for a person who earns $50,000 a year for ten years.

Plan for loss of income

When planning for critical illness protection, one may have an overlook the loss of income. Besides just paying off your medical bills, you should also cover for loss of income. Typically it will take up to a year or so for a cancer patient to get well and get back to work, imagine, one year without an income, how are you going to pay for your daily expenses and if you are sole breadwinner, or the more you should have more protection than when you are single.

Get Critical Illness Protection early

Get yourself critical illness protection in your early part of your life, this is because or health may deteoriate over time and we may not be as healthy as we are when we are young. I have met clients who came to me and say they wanted to increase their critical illness protection only to be disappointed because of pre existing illness condition.

Prumultiple Crisis Cover

Prudential launched a new critical illness plan called Prumultiple Crisis Cover. Usual critical illness protection plans will terminate once a patients made his claim and leaving the patient without any insurance protection if there ever be a relapse. This is the first ever mutiple protection plan that provide THREE critical illness protection claims. Of which, two of the claims can be cancers (including relapse of the same cancer). When a claim is made, the future premiums will be waived off and still enjoy critical illness protection should it be necessary in the future. This is the first of its kind of policy in the insurance industry. To know more about this plan, please feel free to contact me.

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